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A Closer Look

Chemours Annual Report*

The task was to execute a fresh new design for the client’s annual report. I started off by making all of the charts and graphs. After, I explored layout options and chose an asymmetrical grid with five columns because it will have more flexibility when accommodating space for different sized tables and graphs. Furthermore, this layout produces more variations in the pages so that each page does not resemble the last. Wider margins cause less eye strain by allowing the eye to travel a shorter distance across the page and break up information into smaller sections. One typeface is throughout the publication, making sure that it was a larger font family. I also considered using a typeface with a higher contrast, which makes reading easier by making letters more distinguishable. I created paragraph styles and began laying out the document. The cover was designed in a colorful geometrical style to have a more minimal and professional appearance, while the colors inspire curiosity.

Enerjuicer Brand Identity*

The client wanted to update their branding. The process started with a consultation with the restaurant’s owner to learn more about their mission,values, current trends and clientele. Having this conversation made clear to me the brand’s personality, strengths and weaknesses. While at the location, I took pictures of the space. I researched and visited other vegan restaurants in the area, especially the ones that the restaurant owner identified as competitors. After the research was complete, I began to sketch ideas for Enerjuicer’s new logo. I narrowed down my sketches to three possible logo designs and started with creating the roughs using only line art before moving to color. When choosing colors, I considered what they could represent in relation to the brand’s values and mission. I put together different color palettes and applied them to the logo designs. I narrowed the logo designs to the strongest one and focused on refining it towards the final design. After several revisions, I reached the final design.

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